Providing a safe space for our audience

Hidden Door partners with Fanny Riot to provide on-site support and a safe space to festival-goers

Hidden Door is a celebration of creativity and expression, and we want our events to be a safe space for everyone who attends. We are therefore delighted to confirm that this year we are partnering with Fanny Riot, a Glasgow and Edinburgh based collaborative that works to make festival spaces safer for everyone.

Through their new initiative FLAPS, the volunteer team provides on-site advice and personal support for festival audiences. 

At Hidden Door this year, their trained and approachable team will be on hand for anyone who has experienced or is concerned about sexual harassment or violence – or who simply needs a safe space to reset.

Festival-goers will be invited into a cosy space to chat or chill with a cuppa, with a dedicated quiet area for more private conversations if needed. Whether you just want a chat, or you need advice on what to do after an incident, FLAPS will be there to support you for as much as you need.

Look out for their trademark pink tent when you arrive on site.

All volunteers involved in the project have been trained by Rape Crisis Scotland and Good Night Out Campaign.

FLAPS representative Marie welcomes anyone looking for support during the festival, saying:

“Whether you’re an anti-shaver, a crusty raver or you just love that old festival flava, we all need to play our part in making consent sexy. Consent is respect, and as the Queen of Soul sang ”R.E.S.P.E.C.T, find out what it means to me”. So, come find us. We’ll put the kettle on.

As always we invite you to live as our motto reads – Be a fanny, dinnae be a dick”

Eleanor from the Hidden Door team adds: “Hidden Door has a zero tolerance policy on any form of sexual harassment, whether that’s unwelcome conduct, non-consensual touching or verbal harassment.

“We’re proud of the warm, welcoming and inclusive environment we offer at Hidden Door. From our friendly volunteers and contributors to our lovely audiences, we want everyone to be able to be themselves and enjoy our events.

“By partnering with Fanny Riot, our audiences can feel safe and supported when attending our events, and we also hope this brilliant initiative sends a strong message that their safety and wellbeing is our top priority. FLAPS will also be providing support to our team as a vital part of our commitment to supporting our volunteers. 

“We are hugely grateful to everyone at FLAPS and can’t wait to welcome them and their pink tent down at The Complex.”