Hidden Door is an arts organisation which aims to open up urban spaces as a platform for new and emerging artists, musicians, theatre makers, performers, film makers and poets. Through organising temporary events Hidden Door works to showcase new work and create engaging environments for the public to experience, explore and discover.

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Programme announced for May 2024 birthday event

Underground venue revealed for 10th birthday party

Hidden Door in 2024

2024 marks a decade since Hidden Door opened up the Market Street vaults for its first week-long festival. To celebrate, we are planning a birthday party at a unique location never before used for an event like this, and have revealed more about the ambitious programme of music, visual art and performance planned across two nights – Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May.

Over the years, Hidden Door has supported over 3000 artists and performers to develop work and reach new audiences. Our volunteer-run charity is entirely funded through ticket sales, sponsorship and fundraising. All money raised goes into running the festival and ensuring their creative contributors are fairly paid.

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Access images of Basement 3 at St James Quarter (link to Google Drive)

A brief history of Hidden Door

Hidden Door was originally founded in 2009 by a group of creatives seeking to make something interesting happen in the city. Their mission was to create events where audiences could experience art away from the traditional “white cube” gallery format.

The collective curated two events at the former Roxy Art House in 2010, bringing together visual art, performance, film and music. The closure of the Roxy left the group with no venue and over the subsequent years they explored options for running a multi-arts event in derelict spaces. 

The idea grew as the volunteer team expanded, and in 2014 the first full Hidden Door Festival happened, when the team cleared out the disused Market Street vaults to run a 9-day celebration of the arts focused on showcasing local creative talent.

In 2015 the festival moved to a hidden courtyard behind Kings’ Stables Road, and returned in 2016, attracting over 12,000 visitors to experience a wealth of art, poetry, theatre, cinema, dance and music. In 2017 the festival breathed new life into the old Leith Theatre, attracting rave reviews and critical praise for resurrecting “Scotland’s best new live music venue”, winning VisitScotland’s Thistle Award for “Best Cultural Event”.

In 2018, the festival returned to Leith Theatre, also taking up residence in the derelict former State Cinema, just around the corner. A farewell weekend event took place at Leith Theatre in 2019. During the pandemic, Hidden Door put on a series of online events, and returned with a bang to live events for a five-day outdoor event at Granton Gasworks in 2021.

In 2022, Hidden Door took over the Old Royal High School on Calton Hill for a ten day festival that brought life back to the school for the first time in years. 

In 2023, we transformed the former Scottish Widows office complex on Dalkeith Road for a five-day spectacular event. Our unique “Environments” invited audiences to explore our venue in an immersive and atmospheric experience that attracted 5-star reviews and won Creative Edinburgh’s City Award.

2023 reviews

As Hidden Door has shown so magnificently, a little creative vision can make for an artistically seismic experience – ★★★★★” – Neil Cooper, The Herald

The Hidden Door team haven’t made life easy for themselves but everyone in attendance is glad that they’re pushing at the limits of what a city festival can be – ★★★★” – Max Sefton, The Skinny

Most unique of all was The Environments, a promenade tour (following a performance-based workplace “induction” ceremony) of a large, open-plan upstairs hall fitted with bespoke lighting, with simulated foliage growing throughout and timed performances of discordant brass-and-electronic jazz and eclectic dance. It turned the commonplace surroundings into something exciting – ★★★★” – David Pollock, The Scotsman

An extraordinary achievement – Trees sprouted from floor to ceiling. Neon sprites jabbered incomprehensibly. Weird, wonderful performances popped up unexpectedly in the half-light. It was a delightful, disorienting experience – ★★★★” – Fergus Morgan, The Stage

What people say about Hidden Door…

“Hidden Door 2023 was yet another stunning transformation of a unique, unused space in Edinburgh with expertly curated arts and music” – Snack Magazine

“Through murky subterranean corridors illuminated with ravey neon striplights, and old offices, store cupboards and dank off-street vaults turned into DIY art galleries, the persistent joy of Hidden Door is in the striking union of place and creativity.” – The Scotsman

“Inspiration oozes from every nook, stirring up future creativity. Whatever location it seeks out next year, it’s sure to be a sensory sensation, so prepare to don your curiosity cap and rummage through the eclectic repertoire as talents old and new reveal themselves in a chilled and friendly environment…you won’t be disappointed.” – re:sound

“A triumphant move to an evocative new space… this top-rate festival has returned with a flourish” David Pollock, The List

“Over the last few years, Hidden Door has cemented itself as one of the best festivals in Scotland” Snack Magazine

“Hidden Door has an inspiring track record of galvanising local interest and volunteers to make the most of special spaces. It’s an atmospheric celebration of music, visual arts, poetry and more – all using the power of enthusiasm and a collective sense of will” Ashley Davies, Mobius

A ”riot of noise and colour” Mike Wade, The Times

A “treasure trove of multi-platform arts delights” Vic Galloway, BBC 6Music

“Wildly atmospheric and stimulating. Like a dream festival.” Mark Cousins, Film Director & Critic

“Edinburgh’s most free-flowing festival, a happy blend of grassroots artists and headline acts.” – Mark Fisher, The Guardian

“Once again, Hidden Door have done a quite incredible job of transforming a disused industrial corner of Edinburgh into a stunning, temporary multi-arts venue.” – David Pollock, The Scotsman

“Utterly breathtaking… Edinburgh’s most exciting and innovative festival.” Ruth MacGilp, Urbanity

“Hidden Door have quietly resuscitated what surely is – even in its current rough ‘n’ ready state – the best live music venue in the country.” Barry Gordon, The Herald

An “inspiring and successful festival” which “perfectly demonstrated the capabilities of the gorgeous old Leith Theatre as a living, breathing concert venue”. “Ad-hoc but ingeniously curated art and performance” David Pollock, The Scotsman

A “minor miracle […] a long-neglected building has undergone a remarkable renaissance”. Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman

“The festival’s commitment to fairly representing the voices and experiences of women created a strong sense of inclusivity and collaboration” Snack Magazine

“With each step further into the depths of this abandoned masterpiece, the building grows wilder. Each corner, every space reveals something new” Amy Taylor, The Skinny

A “nomadic cauldron of creativity which is unlikely to sit still for long […] a sprawling village of alternative culture” Neil Cooper, The Herald

“A smorgasbord of cultural delicacies that’ll keep you well and truly entertained. Re-entering the real world may be a struggle, but it’ll have been worth it.” Euro Hostels

“Get along to Hidden Door as often and as soon as you can.” Just For Culture

“A revelation… a community arts festival that actually revolutionises and invigorates the community it takes place in.” Miss Fogg Travels

“I can’t help but be totally awestruck by it all – eclectic, ramshackle, ambitious joys on offer.” Exeunt Magazine

“A varied and intriguing theatre programme” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“A festival of weird and strange and new” Snack Magazine

“A fascinating and well-thought-out programme” The John Byrne Award

The festival “has left an immovable, and much needed, creative footprint on the city” – Miranda Heggie, The Arts Desk

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