Hidden Door Live S02, E02 – Spectral Pathways

The second instalment of Hidden Door Live started on 28 October, with artist curator Florence Richardson taking over with Spectral Pathways. She is working with three other across – between them they are working across music, film, writing, illustration and photography. The project explores the theme of hauntology – a term often used to represent a ‘longing for lost futures’ and a sense of feeling ‘at the end of history’.

The two week exploration of ideas on social media culminated in an immersive audio-visual performance of soundscape and projected moving images on 10 November.

The artists

Florence Richardson

Florence Richardson is a filmmaker and print based digital artist who graduated from the University of Edinburgh’s MA Fine Art degree in 2019.

Interested in the uncanny, hauntology and the melancholically nostalgic, she works in digital video, sound design, and composite imaging to form artist books and multimedia installations. Warping and distorting faces, places and sound, her work aims to invite viewers into spaces of reflective eeriness – investigating media tropes, cultural representations and aesthetics of pastoral and domestic scenes and female centric narratives which bear a thread of foreboding atmosphere.

Eleanor Ekserdjian

Eleanor Ekserdjian is a multidisciplinary artist, creating installations which combine drawing, film and performance.

Her most recent body of work responds to the highly distinctive visual language and emotive power of silent film through the act of drawing. By projecting a film onto paper and drawing from and over it, her physical and emotional responses are made visible through rapid mark-making. These drawings become lyrical landscapes of anxiety, exploring her evolving emotional response to film and exploiting the unique ability of the medium of drawing to act as a spontaneous record of thought.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is an experimental musician whose work revolves around minimalist ambient music, field recordings and found sound. His live sets are a mixture of instrumental improvisations and reproductions of degraded cassette tape recordings, which he processes through effect units to create ever evolving immersive soundscapes.

As well as performing live and working on his own studio recordings, he regularly collaborates with different visual artists and videographers by composing soundscapes and designing the sound for a variety of projects, such as art installations, video, and background music for media.

Isabel Mitchelson

Working in fine liner and ink alongside written prose, Isabel Mitchelson’s minimal illustrations convey feelings of absence in intricate line work, creating ambiguous settings and sparse yet familiar spaces. Her drawings reflect senses of longing, loss and nostalgia – depicting faded, melancholic memories of place and time whilst upholding an eerie and ghost-like feel.

Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson is a 2020 Fine Art graduate from Loughborough University and an aspiring graphic designer, based in Buckinghamshire. Predominantly working with digital photography, Hannah documents her experiences with nature through art and aims to blur the boundaries between photography, printmaking and painting. Underpinning her practice is the concept that visual art can facilitate ineffable experiences; these are experiences inexpressible by words. Emptiness is a recurring theme in her work, which Hannah interprets as a space for potential. ‘View’ series, produced in lockdown, was shortlisted in the Global Design Graduate Show 2020 and appeared in Eclectic Magazine.