Volunteers at Hidden Door 2017

The Hidden Door Team

Hidden Door is a registered charity, based in Edinburgh. It is volunteer-led, organised and run.

The festival is organised and delivered by a year-round team of around 50 volunteers which expands to a team of over 200 for the festival.

We currently have three part-time paid roles: our Festival Director, Fundraising & Sponsorship Manager and a Programme Coordinator. Other specialist roles are paid on short-term contracts during the event.

All of our artists, contributors and contractors are fairly paid for their work.

Core Team

The Hidden Door team is split into a number of teams working on all aspects of delivering our festival and running the organisation:

Our Board of Trustees

We have a Board of Trustees who ensure strategic oversight of Hidden Door’s events and activities. They are responsible for making sure we deliver on our charitable aims, that we comply with all the requirements placed on us, and help oversee the smooth running of the charity and our festivals.

Our Board members are:

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