For Hidden Door 2023 we are offering something different; an evolution.

We invite you to enter The Complex; a vast array of architectural hexagons, an artificial structure set apart from the natural world as we know it.

Once inside you’ll encounter The Environments, a series of transformed space and, performance zones featuring live music, dance, soundscapes and visions created by artists and performers collaborating to evoke meditations on the natural landscapes of our planet.

You are invited to embark on a journey that starts in the weird artificial commercial environment of the ex-office building itself, but that will take you through mountains, wasteland, forest and gardens, down to the deep sea bed and even into the depths of the geology of the centre of the Earth.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal more about these unique projects.

How it works

The Environments will run on a repeated loop every night of the festival, from 6pm until late.

You’ll be able to choose a time to start your journey, and once you start exploring this strange dark world, you will find you can roam freely, taking in these Environments as they each come to life and die back back down in a cycle that repeats throughout the whole evening.

Become completely immersed in the creative visions spread throughout the venue, or step out to explore the bars, live music and spoken word performances before you plunge back into your journey of discovery.

At the conclusion of each night,  everyone will come together for a big party in the Club Space and Cabaret Stage.

The Environments will run every night of Hidden Door 2023.

What to expect

Responding to the vast interior spaces, Hidden Door has commissioned stand-out artists from last year’s festival to create a series of Environments for the audience to explore as they venture deeper into the former office building. Featuring live music, dance, film projections, set design and even opera, each Environment is a unique collaboration bringing together some of the most visionary emerging artists to talk about our natural world in a unique and imaginative way.

Audiences will start their journey in the post-nuclear wasteland, lux asunder, created by choreographer Róisín O’Brien and composer Rowan McIlvride where a dance piece will take place.

They will then find themselves in a mountain environment inspired by neighbouring Arthur’s Seat, Eclipse, brought to life by recent Duncan of Jordanstone art graduate Zoe Gibson. Working with dancer Kai Tomioka, she will explore the impact of conflict.

In the next Environment, opera singer Stephanie Lamprea is working with musician Tom Green and visual artist Oana Stanciu to create an The Anthropocenic Garden, exploring themes of extinction.

Meanwhile, in a forest of moveable trees, Beijing Dance Academy graduate Yuxi Jiang will bring her contemporary take on Chinese folk dance to create a piece meditating on The Last Leaf.

As the audience explore deeper into the venue, they will encounter the Aphotic Archelogy, courtesy of artist Alliyah Enyo.

Finally, they will end up deep in the geological depths of the earth and its distant past with Holocene, curated by Edinburgh electronic music producer Exterior

The audience will experience a surprise element, guided on their journey with performance created by dance theatre maker Tess Letham and costumed by Cleo Rose McCabe.