Some words from our volunteers

The Hidden Door 10th Birthday Party is nearly upon us, and our volunteer team have been hard at work transforming the St James Quarter basement carpark into a wonderland of sound and visuals.

We caught up with some of the gang to hear about why love volunteering with us.

It’s not too late to get involved – we still need help with stewarding on Friday and Saturday evenings. Volunteers will get a free ticket to the night they’re not on shift – especially handy for those who didn’t manage to grab a Saturday ticket before they sold out!

If you’re interested, drop us an email at to say hi!

Right, over to our lovely volunteers…


I’m volunteering with HD because collective art and music experiences are what give me joy. And I care about access for all to such joy, about working to keep some spaces and events in the hands of the community.

I was a volunteer steward at The Complex in 2023 and I had such a great time. It was truly incredible to see the space change from a disused and abandoned office to an art filled musical wonderland. As a volunteer I felt totally supported and included and I was so impressed by the organised chaos of it all (it was better organised than some festivals I’ve attended as a paying punter!). It really meant a lot to me to be a part of something to feel proud of.

 It’s a great way to get out and be a part of an exciting and vibrant arts and music event. I always thought you had to be a certain kind of someone with professional creative skills to be an active part of ‘Arts and Culture’ but HD has shown me anyone can get involved.


I was looking for some sort of volunteering to get involved with and HD is the perfect mix of my interests. 

I volunteered at HD 23 and I’ve been buzzing to get involved with the next one ever since.  It was such a good feeling to be part of a fully volunteer-run event. I met loads of like-minded people and it was all just a lot of fun!

I would and have recommended it to anyone who is interested in volunteering and is into music / art / meeting nice people. 


Hidden Door gave me the opportunity to connect with everything artistic – music, sound, dance, performance, props, interpretation, production, post-production, scenography, costumes – all the arts united.

It is beautiful to see how all the arts come together, supporting each other without rivalry to build this event.

I volunteered in 2023 and loved the passion, dedication and love that there is for the arts. I would like to highlight the care, respect, kindness and humanity that the director Hazel demonstrates at all times, since, indeed, we are artists but above all we are humans, regardless of race, gender, language, social status. We are all welcome, we are all the same, we all contribute our art. This makes me come back.

Come and connect with the arts, discover fellow artist, feel the magic and vibration that exists in this profession.


I’ve been to Hidden Door as a spectator a couple of times, and I was interested in giving some time. I always liked what HD was doing, taking an old site and doing something with it. So I thought I’d volunteer. 

I love the fact it’s so accessible, I like the mix of spoken word, the music, it’s not just one thing. The atmosphere is very chilled and relaxed. 

This is my second time volunteering, I was involved last year at the Scottish Widows site. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, what was done with the site, the art was GOBSMACKING. So I came back because of the vibe and atmosphere, the community. And the sense of participating in something bigger and creative. 

As a volunteer, the sense of belonging to something bigger and I think that is beautiful, because it’s being part of a really chill community, with cool people.