Hidden Door

Live events – the lifeblood of society

Brilliant news this week with government announcements paving the way for the return of live events at last!

We are so excited about bringing to life all the ideas we have been developing over this last year and can’t wait to celebrate with you all in Granton this September!

We do also want to take a moment, though, to remember all the festivals and events that have had to postpone in recent weeks.

We would like to send our thoughts to all those impacted by this. We know how much time, energy, sweat and tears go into organising events and festivals, and we deeply feel your disappointment and frustration.

The arts are the lifeblood of our society. Live events, festivals, gigs, performances, exhibitions – these things enrich our lives and bring joy and comfort to millions.

To our friends at all the events currently on hold – stay strong and we will see you soon.