Various images from the Let's Go To Granton show

Let’s Go To Granton! Hidden Door Live S03, E09

We are delighted to reveal our 20th Hidden Door Live Show – the grand finale of Season 3!

“Let’s Go To Granton” is a dance-film curated by dancer and choreographer Skye Reynolds and co-directed by creative director David Martin.

The Hidden Door Live project started when we were in lockdown; a series of live streams that gave artists and performers a platform and encouraged them to collaborate and work together. The live streams are where the ideas for the upcoming “In Real Life” Hidden Door Festival started, and it has been a long journey through the last 18 months to finally get to put on an event for live audiences.

“Let’s Go To Granton” is the last part of that journey, but also takes us on a physical journey, from the heart of old Edinburgh, right out to the festival site at the Gasworks, encountering dancers, poets, musicians and performers along the way.

Follow David as he meets Skye and several other dancers who perform site-specific pieces at certain points in the city along the journey, culminating in a performance and improvisation in the derelict site itself, turning it into a site for performance even in its rawest state.

The dancers – Skye Reynolds, Tess Letham, Christine Devaney, Sky Su and Alma Lindenhovius – the poet Skye Loneregan, and musicians Liana Nuse, David Yates, Mattia Massolini and Luke Sutherland all perform as part of this Hidden Door Live project, and give a flavour of what to expect from the Dance programme at Hidden Door 2021.

Several of the performers (Skye Reynolds, Sky Su, Tess Letham) along with other special guests will perform as part of Something Smashing on the opening night of the festival. Something Smashing is an improvisatory collective, featuring dancers and musicians collaborating together.

“Let’s Go to Granton” is a flavour of what you can expect!

Hidden Door 2021 runs from 15-19 September in Granton, Edinburgh. Tickets are on sale now.