Hidden Door Art Sale, 8-10 December

Featuring hundreds of pieces from dozens of past Hidden Door artists, our 2023 Art Sale is the ideal opportunity to grab some wonderful artwork.

The Hub, Castlehill EH1 2NE (3 minutes from Edinburgh Castle)

Opening Party / Preview Night: 7-10pm Friday 8th December
Then: 12-5pm Saturday 9th + Sunday 10th December

Over 700 beautiful artworks

Dozens of previous Hidden Door artists have contributed work to our sale.

Prices range from £3 – £2000 so there’s something for every budget and taste.

Live Illustrated Photo Booth

Get your portrait sketched live on the night by the talented Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin in our unique Live Photo Booth.

It’s first-come, first-served and bound to be popular, so head down early!

Tunes from Paradise Palms

We’ve teamed up with Paradise Palms Records to bring the tunes all weekend.

For opening night we have Jacuzzi General bringing his legendary brand of pleasure-soaked dance music.

On Saturday we welcome Ann Tweak and Ravelston takes to the stage on Sunday.

Beers from Bellfield Brewery

We’ve partnered with Bellfield Brewery to bring you some award-winning brews, including Bohemian Pilsner, Lawless Village IPA, Daft Days Porter and Fire Island IPA.

Tasty wine plus hot and soft drinks also available!

Merchandise Stall

As if the artwork wasn’t enough, we’re also delighted to offer a range of Hidden Door merch from past festivals – perfect for the collectors amongst you.

All proceeds will be split between the artists and Hidden Door, so every purchase will go straight towards supporting the local creative community. Next year marks a decade since Hidden Door opened up the vaults on Market Street for our first full festival. We have found several potential new sites across Edinburgh and are now raising funds to take our plans to the next stage.

Meet the artists

Alice Sherlock

Alice Sherlock, a recent GSA masters graduate currently working between London and Glasgow, is an interdisciplinary artist working with drawing, print and sculpture.

Alice participated in Hidden Door 2023 with an immersive installation of works inspired by familial conversations and storytelling… all surrounding a giant fly.

Becky Brewis

Becky Brewis’ work explores relationships between memory, the body and domestic space. She studied on the Royal Drawing School’s funded postgraduate programme, and has been the recipient of a number of residencies and awards.

Becky took part in the 2021 Hidden Door Festival, and her works at our Art Sale will include original ceramic sculptures as well as limited edition prints.

Becky Tucker

Glasgow based sculptor Becky Tucker exhibited in Hidden Door festival in 2022 at the Old Royal High School and in 2023 at The Complex. This year she has exhibited internationally; she was awarded the Girlpower residency in France, and the Sanctuary Slimane residency in Morocco.

Becky’s works at our Art Sale will include pieces from her 2023 exhibition ‘Sestet,’ a hexagonal, gothic-inspired ‘pavilion’ with ornate ceramic details that alluded to the idea of the pavilion decaying and going back to the earth…

Ben Caro and Kat Cutler-MacKenzie

Ben Caro and Kat Cutler-MacKenzie

Ben Caro and Kat Cutler-MacKenzie share a collaborative artistic practice based in Edinburgh. The duo primarily work in analogue projection and installation, with particular interests in museology, archaeology, and the apparatus of cinema.

The artworks by Caro and Cutler-MacKenzie at our Art Sale will include works from their Staging a Gaze series, previously featured at the May 2023 Hidden Door Festival, which was made in collaboration with two sculptures at the National Museum of Scotland and explored the layered relationship between public gaze and displayed museum artefacts.

Chell Young

Chell Young is a Scottish artist currently living and working in Glasgow who works across film, sculpture and sound. Chell took part in Hidden Door Live, the 2020 series of live streamed events that Hidden Door produced when the festival was postponed due to the pandemic. Works from Chell’s “Imagined Realities” live stream can be found at our Art Sale.

Chell creates intimate miniature sets that play with and alter perceptions through sculpture, film, and photograpy, exploring themes of escapism and childish nostalgia through her work as well as claustrophobia and disconnection from the natural world. These often manifest in fantastically vibrant and unearthly scenes, realised through many layers of detailed construction.

David McDiarmid

David McDiarmid

Originally from Paisley, artist David McDiarmid will be remembered by all those who visited Hidden Door 2017, where he presented a commissioned series of interactive installations consisting of models, paintings, and objects, resembling architectural forms and topographies of grandeur.

The original series title, “The Centre for Revolutionising,” refers to Robert S. Boynton’s book “The Invitation­Only Zone: The True Story of North Korea’s Abduction Project” which describes a true-­to-­scale model replica of downtown Seoul that is reputed to be held within Kim Il­ Sung University in Pyongyang.

Elvey Stedman

Elvey Anna Stedman is an award-winning sculptor and printmaker based in Glasgow. 

Her work was featured at Hidden Door Festival in both 2021 and 2022, and we will be presenting some of her fascinating imagery-laden prints at our Art Sale.

Emily Knight

Emily Knight is a visual artist based in Glasgow, a graduate of Painting & Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in 2021.

Emily exhibited works at Hidden Door in 2021 and most recently at the 2022 festival in the Royal High School, where she shared paintings that explored themes of memory through the exploration of colour, collage and trompe l’œil rendered material

Emma Hislop

Emma Hislop is a Scottish multi-disciplinary artist based in Edinburgh focusing on material processes and historical knowledge. She explores ecology through semi-fictional storytelling based in science, environment and mysticism. She exhibited in 2023 with Hidden Door as part of Aphotic Archaeology collective, her part focused on the sculptural installation and lighting of the space.

Emma’s work has been recognised with awards from the Sustainability in Action Group, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and Royal Scottish Academy.

Evie Rose Thornton

Evie Rose Thornton is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Scotland, whose work explores landscapes and the effect that climate change is having on these environments. She has taken part in Hidden Door in both 2022 and 2023, creating large scale installations in response to the spaces.

Most recently, she exhibited her immersive installation “Roots” at the May 2023 Hidden Door Festival, a sculptural exploration into natural coastal defences against climate change, with a focus on root systems that naturally bind the coastline together and provide habitats for wildlife and plant life.

Ginny Elston

Ginny Elston, who took part in Hidden Door 2014, is a Scottish painter living and teaching art in Edinburgh. Her background is in Art History, Fine Art and the Humanities, and she’s currently studying for a PhD at Glasgow School of Art, where she is researching connections between philosophy and painting.

Working intuitively with colour, shape and light in response to the world around her, she is inspired by the natural world, and the myriad of forms and textures it provides. Her artwork at our Art Sale will include original paintings and pastel works.

Iain H Williams

Iain H Williams’ work has its own bold visual language and motifs, referencing urban links and contemporary imagery whilst setting his own style; exploring the abstract image and mark-making within an expressionistic form. His works bring a strong, emotionally charged style to an abstract format, leading viewers to explore the range of mark-marking and dynamic compositional elements that seal his work which help to convey a myriad of emotions from the artist, both positive and negative.

Those who attended the May 2023 Hidden Door festival will remember Iain’s bold abstract series “Echo Chamber ‘Yesterdays Faded’”.

Isabelle Phoebe

Isabelle Phoebe

Isabelle Phoebe is an Edinburgh-based artist working primarily with site­-specific moving images, sound, and performance.

“My practice is grounded within a rich tradition of artist filmmakers working with the Scottish landscape and folklore. I also make zines and perform poetry combining themes of queerness, nature, and magic.”

Isabelle’s work will be presented at our Art Sale through editions of her prints and zines that speak to her expansive creative practice.

Jagoda Sadowska

Jagoda Sadowska (she/they) is an Illustrator and Designer based in Glasgow. Jagoda’s work combines a juvenile sense of humour with a touch of “cringe romanticism.” They are a big advocate of joyful colour palettes and a great enthusiast of textures. Through their work, Jagoda strives to capture and explore the blurred boundaries between reality and the dream realm.

Their work as seen in our Art Sale was previously presented at the Hidden Door Festival in 2022: a series of playful posters titled “Lucid Dreams.”

James Sinfield

James is a former theoretical physicist and ironmonger whose work is work inspired by the Anthropocene and the philosophy of mathematics. James works as a painter, photographer and psychogeographer, using his art practice to make sense of post-industrial ‘Edgelands’ and other innominate places. Layers of paint are applied and removed reveal layers – the process echoing the repeated erasure, use and abuse of the Edgelands themselves.

Visitors to the May 2023 Hidden Door festival will recognise James’ contemplative urban compositions; his works at our Art Sale will include a selection of original mixed media artworks.

Jennie Bates

Jennie Bates exhibited at Hidden Door 2018 with her installation “Mundi Submarino.” Since then she’s worked as an illustrator focussing on screen printing using cut paper collage. She plays with pattern and shape to create bold and energetic images.

Jenny works intuitively depicting objects and scenes which interest her, taking inspiration from retro graphic design to simplify and stylise her compositions.

Jill Martin Boualaxai

As a founding member of Hidden Door, Jill has played a key role in its development since its inception as an artists’ collective in 2010.

Jill works with different forms of media, and her creative process is driven by a desire to experiment and explore adaptability across a wide range scales, often through modular construction, creating puzzles of the past from fictional futures, investigating our understanding of space and imagined histories.

Jill has been involved as an artist creating site-specific works for most editions of Hidden Door. The piece for sale are related to several of these installations, and include computer fossils, copper map drawings, and rave artefacts.

Joan Smith

Edinburgh-based artist Joan Smith is interested in the intersections of art and science, anthropology and the natural world. She is a member of the art/science group “Fusion,” and is a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists.

Joan exhibited her artwork “Sea Amulets” at the May 2023 Hidden Door Festival, an installation consisting of a collection of small objects made from found beach detritus and painted clay. The focus of the installation was the festival theme “environments” – with the Sea Amulets both reflecting the environment of the ocean, and becoming mini environments themselves.

Jo Fleming Smith

Jo Fleming Smith is a multidisciplinary artist and educator currently based in Derbyshire. Jo employs the use of spontaneity and chance in her work, exploring saturation of colour, layering and staining… showing the viewer the physicality and materiality of her process.

Jo exhibits regularly across the UK and took part in the Hidden Door May 2023 Festival, where she exhibited her site-specific artwork “All the Weather in One Day,” an installation of paintings, calico panels and glass forms that created a unique sensory experience for the viewer – inspired by Jo’s experience of travelling and living in Scotland mid-pandemic.

Kathleen McVey

Kathleen McVey

Dunfermline-based Kathleen McVey’s artwork encapsulates her experience with bipolar disorder and mood dysregulation.

“I communicate and interrogate the complexities and extremities through a personal language of jarring mark­ making and representational forms. My research explores the challenges of severe mental illness, creating a visual narrative of experiences with the intent to interact with and create a necessary dialogue around mental health to society at large.

“Exposing mental illness is a vital part in gaining public recognition, and addressing a vastly misunderstood community.”

Kristina Chan

Kristina Chan is a printmaker and photographer who has exhibited internationally and throughout the UK. Her practice utilises narrative and site specificity to evoke a felt history and sense of place. Inspired by post-impressionism, Japanese prints, and contemporary photography, her work explores the boundaries between individual and collective memory, and how these colliding narratives can affect our interpretation of space.

Kristina was an invited artist for Hidden Door Festival 2017 at Leith Theatre.

Leah Wood

Leah is an artist currently based in Scotland, whose work is heavily focused on nature, which she explores through a wide variety of media including photography and sculpture. Leah’s artistic approach is influenced by her interest in science, consisting of many hours of ‘fieldwork’: recording, observing, and researching. Recently her practice has taken her to explore the idea of a post-apocalyptic world, through false narratives and imagined scenarios.

Leah’s exhibition with the Hidden Door Festival in May 2023 was an science-lab style immersive piece ‘Cordyceps Marinus’ – sculptures from which, including other artworks by Leah, will be available at our Art Sale.

Madeline Mackay

Glasgow-based artist Madeline Mackay’s creative practice hinges on an understanding of the body informed by her experience of illness. Through printmaking, drawing, photography, and video she interprets the empirical experience of flesh, both well and unwell, by leaning into its chaotic materiality and the anxiety of co-existing with it.

Those who attended May 2023 Hidden Door Festival will recognise Madeline’s ‘Visceral Strands’, an exploratory series that questions and crosses the lines between internal and external environments.

Maria Vigers

Maria Vigers

Maria Vigers is an Edinburgh-based multi-disciplinary artist working from Coburg House Studios in Leith. Maria’s work encompasses large-scale installation pieces through to small-scale artists books, printmaking, cyanotypes, collage and 3D assemblages. Maria created an installation for Hidden Door in 2022, and the works she will be featuring in our Art Sale were inspired by the same original installation as her 2022 work.

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle (UK, born 1983) graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005. He works with a variety of processes, drawing from everyday images to create prints that evoke an ambiguity between image and object.

Mark has exhibited twice with Hidden Door, in 2015, with the wall mounted installation ‘Municipal Strata’ and in 2018 with ‘Another Version,’ an installation of ceramic objects created during a residency at The Edinburgh Academy. Mark’s work at our December Art Sale will include relief prints and lithographs.

MaryAnne Hunt

MaryAnne Hunt studied her BA Hons at Glasgow School of Art and after working in the art world in London came back to Edinburgh.

She went on to further study Printmaking and Figurative Painting at Leith School of Art where she was awarded the Figure Painting Prize in 2020.

Matthew Storstein

Matthew Storstein studied Fine art Painting at Glasgow School of Art 1992 -­ 1996. He is currently living and painting in Aberfeldy.

Matthew exhibited at the first full Hidden Door Festival at the Market Street Vaults in 2014.

Molly Kent

Edinburgh-based Molly Kent is a textile artist who represents mental and physical health notions through mediums such as rug tufting and weaving. Molly’s work is concerned with the dream psychology behind her dreams and nightmares which result from her mental health condition and disability.

Visitors to the 2021 Hidden Door Festival will have seen Molly’s expressive textile artwork; look out for some original pieces at our Art Sale.

Oana Stanciu

Oana Stanciu is a visual artist from Romania, living and working in Edinburgh. Her work combines performance, photography and moving image to create unnatural and subtly distorted self-portraits. She merges her body with different objects and environments, improvising scenes and transforming herself into unusual characters and creatures.

Oana has received numerous awards and accolades – including a knighthood from the Romanian President – and exhibits regularly throughout the UK. Oana has taken part in several Hidden Door Festivals, most recently as a visual artist in ‘The Anthropocenic Garden,’ one of our 2023 immersive environments.

Olivia Turner

Olivia Turner’s work focuses on manipulating spaces through two- and three- dimensional outcomes. An Edinburgh-based artist whose experience includes co-producing the Architecture Fringe Festival across Scotland, Olivia’s award-winning works highlight and explores architectural spaces in new ways.

Olivia participated in both the 2015 and 2017 Hidden Door festival, showcasing site-specific works that are echoed in the artworks we will presenting at our sale.

Rhona Taylor

Rhona Taylor is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Edinburgh, with a practice that includes printmaking, painting, site-specific installation and sculpture, and her work has been exhibited in public and commercial galleries in Scotland, the rest of the UK and internationally.

Rhona took part in Hidden Door in 2015 and 2016. Visitors to the 2015 Hidden Door Festival will remember “Wayward Currents,” a mixed-media installation at Edinburgh’s old street lighting depot; look out for Rhona’s work our Art Sale, which will include a selection of screen prints.

Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin 

Rohanie is a freelance illustrator and printmaker based in Edinburgh. Alongside working in Higher Education, Rohanie is also a member of Culture&’s New Museum School, completing a part-time Masters in Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries – and is particularly interested in developing and curating accessible art spaces. Rohanie has been Volunteer Manager with Hidden Door since 2020 and is supporting the festival’s art programming in 2024.

Join Rohanie in the Live Illustrated Photo Booth – strike a pose for a single photo or a strip of 4 photos, hand drawn in front of your very eyes.

Sarah Calmus

Sarah Calmus (PPVAS) is an interdisciplinary artist and producer and founder of Studio Sumlacs, a socially-driven production studio.

Interactive, multi-sensory experiences are central within Sarah’s practice, often drawing focus on environmental concerns; her installations are built to provide space for critical reflection on ecosystems of varying scales. Sarah has exhibited at Hidden Door in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter combines experimental photography, science, and ecology to depict the effects of human activities on the environment. He works with site-specific materials to study biodiversity in polluted areas.

Scott exhibited at the Hidden Door graduate exhibition in 2021 and most recently as an invited artist at The Complex in 2023 with his “Rambunctious Garden” installation, which combined concrete sculptures containing plants with photographic works exploring the symbiotic relationships between anthropogenic and organic materials. Scott’s work at our Art Sale will include pieces linked to both his 2021 and 2023 Hidden Door exhibitions.

Susie Johnston

A Graduate of Sydney College of The Arts and DJCAD, Dundee, Susie Johnston was one of the collaborators, along with Louise Ritchie, in the site-specific installation “157 Reliquaries” at Hidden Door 2021, a project which materially re-framed its space through working directly with discarded materials gathered onsite at Granton Gasworks.

Susie’s work in our Art Sale will include original paintings.

Tess Glen

Tess Glen is an artist based in Edinburgh. Working from life in a spontaneous and playful way, Tess’ practice encompasses drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking to explore different ways of telling stories.

A graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Drawing School, Tess created installations at Hidden Door in 2018 and 2022 (collaborating on the latter with writer Rory Allison).

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor’s work spans various mediums and practices including drawing, sculpture, film, installation and performance. He celebrates the commonplace and the everyday. He has shown locally, nationally and internationally in a variety of locations, from gallery-based work to public installations.

Those who attended the 2023 May Hidden Door festival will remember Tim’s site installation of 250 dipsticks displayed outside the Complex building, a work which signified the world’s use and dependence on oil for transportation over the past century. Tim’s works at our December art sale will include prints that link directly with his 2023 installation.

And many more…