Help us switch on the Electric City!

In case you missed it, we’ve been running a series of in the lead up to the festival, with some fab prizes to be won. So far we’ve asked you to share you photos and memories of past festivals, to come up with ideas for songs and films that fit the Electric City theme, and to invent your very own Hidden Door Cocktail.

It’s now time for Challenge 4 – and it’s super-easy.

We need YOUR help to light up the Electric City and to get sparks flying as we open the doors to the first night. Sign up for this Thunderclap to join voices across the city in officially announcing the opening of Hidden Door 2016 at 6pm on Friday 27 May.

Think of it as a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony – and you’re holding the scissors!

PLUS we’ve got some very special prizes for a few lucky winners selected from everyone who takes part – good luck!