Yellow Days

Noted for throaty, yearning vocals that accompany his swimmy indie soul-pop, Yellow Days is the alias of precociously talented musician George van den Broek.

Born in Manchester, England, and raised in Haselmere, van den Broek’s musical endeavours began when he got a guitar for Christmas at the age of 11. With influences that include Ray Charles, Mac DeMarco, and Thundercat, he started releasing stand-alone singles as a teen in late 2015.

His debut EP, Harmless Melodies, arrived in November 2016. Yellow Days continued to release periodic singles in 2017, some of which appeared on his debut LP, Is Everything Okay in Your World?, that October. It featured a guest spot by hip-hop artist Rejjie Snow.

His guitar playing prowess and his soulful yet gravelly vocals are both captivating and comforting in equal measure.


Early the next year, “Gap in the Clouds,” from his first EP, reached a broader audience when it accompanied the trailer for the second season of Donald Glover’s show Atlanta. Yellow Days followed up in April 2018 with the single “The Way Things Change” and a week’s worth of club shows in the U.S. that quickly sold out, before continuing the tour in Europe.

The musician’s sophomore effort arrived in 2020: titled A Day in a Yellow Beat, the project was written and recorded primarily in L.A., with van den Broek sourcing new inspiration from local collaborators.

With the spectacle of the sandpapery voice emerging from a body seemingly too weedy to house it, he’s unquestionably one to watch.

The Guardian

It’s not difficult to see why Donald Glover is attracted to the music of Yellow Days. Soulful and introspective, with an intriguing blues twist, George’s sound sits in a sweet spot somewhere in between jazz and R&B and, at times, doesn’t sound too far away from the soul funk vibe that occasionally runs through Gambino’s own work.