This Is The Kit

This Is The Kit is the musical project of Kate Stables. One of time and change and careful listening. It has carried Stables from Winchester to Bristol to Paris (where she’s lived for the last 15 years), and across tours and festivals around the world not to mention a prestigious Ivor Novello nomination. 

“To witness TITK live is to truly unwind into an all-encompassing warmth of the heart; one which lingers like a kiss on the cheek whilst the sky outside turns from an early summer blaze to amber dusk.”

Shindig Magazine

From stripped-back simplicity to club-inflected grooves – meet the soaring new star of contemporary folk.

The Guardian

In early spring of 2020, just before everything got weird, Kate and her band of trusty companions, (Rozi Plain, Jamie Whitby-Coles, Jesse D Vernon, and Neil Smith), knuckled down to record what would become This is The Kit’s fifth album ‘Off Off On’.  ‘Off Off On’, was released in October 2020 to huge acclaim with Uncut calling it the bands “most multi-layered yet subtle work so far”.

One of the most original and musically gifted artists of today – a masterclass in complex songwriting

The Independent

Acutely sensitive to the pulses and currents of life, ‘Off Off On’ shows Kate Stables to be a songwriter overflowing with ideas, ably crafting music of great beauty, of wonder and illumination, and seems one more step on This is The Kit’s to becoming one of the country’s most revered musical endeavours. 

This Is The Kit have always been connoisseurs of creating slow building tension. Clever lyrics, clashing instrumentals and unique vocal patterns create a dizzying and heady album that feels as refreshing as it does personal.

Line Of Best Fit

From slow-burning mood pieces to riotous anthems, there are compact moments of beauty here.