Hidden Door

The Yonis

The Yonis brings their debut album to Hidden Door!

The album consists of eight tracks that traverse myriad performance contexts including durational live art, 90s boy band, spoken word, riot grrrl, absurdism and DIY performance art. These tracks are performed much like any live set from your favourite band, one after the other with breaks for a chat with the audience.

The intention of this album is to conceive of a Utopian pop culture in which our female bodies may exist through a lens of our choosing.

We perform in our recognisable colourful outfits or as our denim­clad, moustachioed alter egos The Bronis. Accompanied by the riotous chanting, witchy humming and out of tune singing of our own voices with a couple of 90s club bangers thrown in for good measure.

Let The Yonis take you on a euphoric, chaotic ride. Sing along – you know the words!

About The Yonis

The Yonis are a girl band of female identifying and socialised dance artists. We are a fluid collective,
collaborating with over 40 performers to date and representing a movement towards non­hierarchical
ways of working.

We celebrate our bodies as vehicles to be physical, powerful and dynamic, finding strength in coming together to create, take up space and make noise.

Inspired by punk movements and driven by a passion for gig culture, we set out to forge a new path for contemporary dance, one that is free from standards of formal training or institutions. Our performances facilitate audiences to abandon inhibitions, be present and bathe in the euphoria of shared experience; offering a provocation to expand their expectations of dance and girl bands.

The Yonis have performed at Brainchild Festival, V&A, Womxn SRSLY (The Yard, The Place), Stratford Circus, Edinburgh Fringe, New Bern Dance Theatre (Switzerland) and were Choreodrome artists 2019.

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