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The Rave Cave

Rave Cave

‘The Rave Cave’ will be taking the stage at Hidden Door Festival on Friday 17th September, featured as one of our five ‘Creative Collaboration’ projects commissioned by Hidden Door.

THE RAVE CAVE is a live multi art form performance. Taking the form of an archeological dig, ‘The Archaeology of Rave‘ dives into the deep past of the late ’80’s early 90’s rave culture. An art installation created by artist Jill M Boualaxai, the project incorporates the performances of Fiona Oliver Larkin & Tony Mills, later transforming into an interactive rave accompanied by Midi Paul & DJ Morphamish for all to join.

What does the site of a rave look like to future archaeologists? What would they understand from the snippets of decipherable footage and discarded artefacts?  Taking the notion that archaeology eavesdrops on the past, would the iconic smiley face of acid house appear godlike?  Witnessed out of context, rave could be compared to religion, its dance appearing tribal as with the frenzied dance often witnessed in rituals.

‘With the events of the last year and a half we all need to feel a little more connected.   In the late 80s Rave brought people together, it broke down prejudices and promoted a sense of collectiveness.  Raves are collaborative and this project draws together elements of theatre, dance, music and visual art to celebrate the history of Raving.’

Jill Martin Boualaxai


Jill Martin Boualaxai

Working in printmaking, drawing and sculpture Jill Martin Boualaxai creates immersive site-specific installations which are often interwoven with sound and light. Her practice is characterised by an attraction to experimentation, and a curiosity and adaptability across extremes of scale, often through modular construction, responding to the site in which it is installed.   Mapping the city and archaeological storytelling are central ideas to Jill’s work. Old maps, abandoned spaces, their histories, and the archaeology of found objects are consistent threads that weave through her past and present projects.

Fiona Oliver-Larkin

Fiona Oliver-Larkin is an Edinburgh based physical theatre maker, puppeteer, circus performer and mother. She wants to see a more fair, equal, joyful and honest world. The stories we tell are integral to how we view the world and Fiona’s work is actively engaged in the search for new stories. One half of feminist theatre duo SALTYDOLLS, she obtained a diploma in physical theatre practice in 2016. Her training in anthropology and sociology has had a lasting influence on her work.

Tony Mills

Tony Mills is the artistic director of Room 2 Manoeuvre, a dance company that mixes hip hop, contemporary dance and physical theatre. Since swapping his veterinary whites for dancing tights, Tony has gone on to perform for numerous companies at home and abroad and has toured his own work from Shetland to Shanghai.

Midi Paul

Midi Paul is the alter ego of bassist/producer Phil McBride. Expect stuttering drums, spliced up disco samples, wobbly arpeggios and some computer funk. On stage, the music evolves like a DJ set but in place of the turntables you will get live bass, dirty analogue synths and old school breakbeats


Morphamish makes free-form dance floor fire for the weird and wonderful. He’s had support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Crystal Distortion, Tom Robinson, Rob Da Bank, Vic Galloway, Kanji Kinetic, Warlock, DFRNT, No Yeah No, sci fi legend Warren Ellis and many more. He’s rocked festivals, raves and clubs across Scotland and the UK at fun places like Kelburn Castle and Knockengorroch. He’s released music on Crystal Distortion (Spiral Tribe)’s Labrat Audio, Riot Radio Records, Paradise Palms and Traffic Cone Records. 

In his music, there’s techno and dnb insistence along with a wide ranging palette of sounds and influences. He combines electronic and organic, mental and gentle, mutation and repetition, complex and simple, expectancy and resolving. His array of gizmos throw around big basslines, fun breakbeats, afro percussion, banging kicks, tweaking acid, lots of funkyness, multiple tempos and sweet sounds along with more heavy and psychoactive elements.

About the Creative Collaborations

Originally born in lockdown, these projects began online as livestreams within the ‘Hidden Door Live Show’ series. These fantastic works have now been developed into fully realised shows that you have the opportunity to experience live in this year’s festival.

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