Taylor Han & Simone Seales

A celebration of joy and an acknowledgment of struggle, With Catastrophic Consequences bridges the gap between interactive dance theatre and live music. Dancer Taylor Han and cellist Simone Seales create a world where everyone in the room is welcomed into their playful improvisation to encounter hope, indulge in live music close up, and appreciate human connection.

A joyful celebration of live collaboration, listening (to each other), and saying yes to new possibilities.

Come as you are and take away what you need.

Taylor Han is an independent contemporary dance artist with a practice rooted in improvisation and musicality. Simone Seales is a classically trained cellist who has a practice based in improvisation. Together, they share a passion for finding joy through their art forms and exploring the transformation and connections between music, movement and words.

Ramon Ayres is the co-creator and dramaturg for the work and has a background in directing, acting, and corporeal mime.

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