Sweætshops® – witchtrialversion3

Sweætshops® presents their third witchtrialversion iteration, a multidisciplinary theatre piece exploring the social repercussions of the witch trials.

The work is an ongoing series of AI/færie sound-performances as a mass production mass staged over 3 days marking the 375 witchcraft accusations in Edinburgh, alongside Free Magic Show, a project of improvised music with using tape players, objects, synths and computers.

Content warning: loud noise levels, flashing lights, partial nudity, themes of a disturbing nature. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Sweætshops® takes no responsibility for loss of respectability, sanity or soul henceforth be that who/when/why/where/witch.

Whipping wit, strafing satire, multimodal knowledge, and seemingly insuperable courage. Varicoloured and raw, none come to mind as vividly as Sweætshops.

Phasmid Press

witchtrialversion1 by Sweætshops®

Camera: Oliver Benton, Bagpipes: Glyn scottishbagpipers.com, Production assistant: Mops Bökket

Thanks to David and Preston for access to “the barrel” with permission from the Bannerman Company and Allan Park for additional materials. witchtrialversion1 was supported by Spirit:360.

Spirit:360 is supported by Highland Place Partnership, by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Place Partnership Programme, and is administered by High Life Highland, as part of the Spirit of the Highlands project 

Tha Spiorad:360 a’ faighinn taic bho Chom-pàirteachas Àite na Gàidhealtachd, bhon Chrannchur Nàiseanta tro Phrògram Com-pàirteachas Àite Alba Chruthachail, agus tha e air a rianachadh le High Life na Gàidhealtachd, mar phàirt de phròiseact Spiorad na Gàidhealtachd.

Provocative, esoteric and intense – reflecting the strangleholds of the various impersonal and absurd systems we live within in the 21st century.


About Sweætshops®

Sweætshops® is a “multipersonality conglomerate” creating ceremonial muzak, public disruptions and mystery shopper plays out of the waste of 21st century consumerism and pop culture. Described as “either a whole load of nonsense pretending to be art or performance art at its best” (The Write Angle) and “varicoloured and raw…the undeniable energy of a high doom” (Phasmid Press).

Recipient of the //BUZZCUT// Emerging Live Artist Award, their work has been featured in music festivals such as Radiophrenia Festival, film festivals such as Alchemy Festival, the Scottish Queer International Film Festival and Palić European Film Festival and theatre organisations such as National Theatre of Scotland.

Free Magic Show are Joe Coghill and Michał Fundowicz (with additional guests). A project of improvised music using tape players, objects, synths, computers – every time in a different setting. They have released material on Czaszka, Steep Gloss, Falt, tanzprocesz, Minimal Resource Manipulations amongst others.