Stephanie Lamprea

Stephanie Lamprea is a singer of modern classical and ​avant-garde music. She is dually based in New York and Glasgow. Her artistic practice includes performing classical and contemporary-classical repertoire, solo recitals, chamber and large-ensemble collaborations, electronic music, multi-disciplinary performance, avant-garde noise, and improvisation.

Trained as an operatic coloratura, she uses her voice as a mechanism of avant-garde performance art, creating “maniacal shifts of vocal production and character… like an icepick through the skull” (Jason Eckardt).

“…startlingly gifted soprano…”

“The mercurial Stephanie Lamprea… split the sentences into raw sounds – voice crack acrobatics abounded throughout.” I CARE IF YOU LISTEN

“Lamprea was captivating… conjuring a wide spectrum of sounds… she hummed, clapped, and sang operatically, showing off her pure tone and her ability to pluck any pitch out of the air. Her dedication to every gesture was total.”

“Lamprea sings so expressively and slowly with ever louder and higher-pitched voice, that the inclined listener [has] shivers down their back and tension flows into the last row.”