Hidden Door

Spectral Gateway

One of five Creative Collaborations commissioned by Hidden Door for this year’s festival.

A unique 50 minute set of live audio-visual performance, ‘Spectral Gateway’ presents a cinematic journey from the haunting unease of the past into future optimistic imaginings, exploring our unique point in history where immersive, physical experiences are poised to be resurrected after a year of being paused in time.

Featuring new film art by Florence Richardson alongside a score by ambient musician Daniel Garcia, and a dynamic dual performance by AV artist Sarah James and electronic musician The Reverse Engineer.

“Together we have been exploring the theme of ‘hauntology’ that inspired our previous 2020 Spectral Pathways livestream show. While the latter explored melancholic visions rooted in nostalgia, memory, and longings for a lost future, we have evolved this into something more optimistic: progressing out of the past and into a new dimension of cultural optimism. With a starting focal idea of traversing the show through a series of visual ‘portals’, we collectively agreed it would be brilliant to create a live show that builds a forward momentum of energy out of the creative challenges faced by the pandemic.”

About the Creative Collaborations

Originally born in lockdown, these projects began online as livestreams within the ‘Hidden Door Live Show’ series. These fantastic works have now been developed into fully realised shows that you have the opportunity to experience live in this year’s festival.

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