Saint Etienne

Formed at a time when acid house was booming and Brit-Pop was just starting, Saint Etienne offered a sophisticated, lush, and tuneful alternative. They built songs around odd samples, balanced goofy dancefloor tracks with heartbreaking ballads, and had a hit right away with 1991’s Foxbase Alpha LP. Further albums and singles showed the group had a magpie eye towards pop culture and musical trends, picking up shiny pieces of sound and combining them in fascinating ways. 

The band’s live performances pitch an impeccable electro-pop pastoral back catalogue alongside brand new nuggets

The Herald

Now they’re back, with their recent album I’ve Been Trying To Tell You combines cinematic ambient fragments, hypnotising krautrock patterns and electronic music which altogether create a unique sound.

The UK electro-pop heroes look back on the end of the 20th century, when hooks and choruses dissolved into blissed-out loops and vibe became paramount. I’ve Been Trying to Tell You feels passive, lost in nostalgia for an age it hasn’t fully reckoned with. And it sounds gorgeous on the radio.


Without hesitation, their latest offering is amongst their finest work. One that will certainly sound and feel as resonant and elevating over the next three decades and beyond.

The Quietus

 I’ve Been Trying to Tell You is distinctly Saint Etienne in its hazy, ethereal atmosphere and collage-like construction

Pop Matters