Hidden Door

Room 2 Manoeuvre – City Breakz

Tony Mills (credit: Sam Temple)

City Breakz’ bold and striking juxtaposition of dance and environment asks, where and how do we make room for art and culture to exist, to inspire and to be accessible in a changing urban landscape? 

It’s hip-hop…but not as you know it.

About Tony Mills and Room 2 Manoeuvre

Room 2 Manoeuvre is an Edinburgh based dance company, resident at The Brunton and founded by Artistic Director, Tony Mills, in 2007. The company aims to produce high quality work that will entertain and challenge audiences. Often thematic in nature, the work is characterised with touches of humour, slick production and visceral choreography.

With a foundation in hip hop dance technique, Room 2 Manoeuvre firmly crosses into contemporary dance and physical theatre genres, as the company seeks new forms of expression highlighted by an original movement vocabulary. The company has been a recipient of several grants from the national arts body, Creative Scotland, and has gone on to successfully present work around the UK, Europe, Asia and South America.

Off the stage, Room 2 Manoeuvre is concerned with delivering dance education to both community and professional organisations through the company itself, partnerships and international initiatives. The company is also involved in the production and programming for live theatre events within Scotland.

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