Proc Fiskal

Experimental electronic music artist Joe Power AKA Proc Fiskal was first signed by Hyperdub when he was just 19. Hyperdub are just about to drop his latest album ‘Siren Spine Sysex’, an intriguing blend of grime, vaporised Gaelic, Irish and English folk music samples, FM synthesis and 90s ‘rompler’ sounds.

The album is in no way a folktronica album however. Power seems more interested in the disorientating effects of using traditional music and referencing very time-specific sounds in order to create a sense of audio confusion in the listener, relishing the time-bending effect of marrying the synthetic sounds of 90s romplers with his futurist beats and soundscapes. (‘Rompler’ refers to sound modules common in the late 80s/early 90s that came with pre-set sounds based on samples. The term rompler is made from ‘ROM’ and ‘sampler’. Famous romplers include the Korg M1 workstation and E-mu Proteus module).

It’s a highly effective aesthetic that makes for a memorable album.