Pozi come steeped in the lineage of the very best weirdo British indie pop. The trio of drummer/vocalist Toby Burroughs, violinist/vocalist Rosa Brook and bassist/vocalist Tom Jones have a skittish, restless energy.

On the surface, they’re your stereotypical UK post-punk band. The trio channel their forbearers with anarchic sensibilities and politically motivated songs, and even vocally their cockney stylings emulate their 1970s inspirations. Yet there is one major difference in their sound – the usual angry guitar sound is replaced with a sweepingly versatile violin sound. 

Pozi use their novel choice of instrumentation to create a rudimentary racket that immediately rewards. Fun, intelligent and proudly irreverent.

Clash Magazine

Remarkably impressive. Pozi have a unique sound – their post-punk-with-violins sound is unique and used incredibly well – they transcend such simplistic summaries, creating a noise that is truly their own.

Echoes and Dust

A brilliant and bizarre Post-Punk band – their unusual set up of bass, drums, violin and eerie effected vocals producing a really refreshing take on the genre. You cannot help but smile as soon as you hear them.

Beats To The Bar

Pozi always craft something that’s angular and awkward yet utterly brilliant.

Backseat Mafia

Pozi’s forthcoming second album Smiling Pools is a gradual swelling of their minimal post-punk sound into effulgent avant-pop. Released this May, just in time for Hidden Door, first single Pest Control is out now.