Nomoss – Ophio’s Puppet

Ophio’s Puppet is a response to Merlin Sheldrake’s ‘Entangled Life’, in which we learn of the world beneath the undergrowth and of the manipulative powers of the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis mushroom. This piece goes beyond what we know about the world of mycelium to question what we perceive of its potent role.

Nomoss is a collective of 3 artists.

Suzi Cunningham is an Edinburgh based dance artist whose work is heavily influenced by Butoh, punk and the ceaseless lessons and materials of nature.

Ruairidh Morrison is a sound artist whose musical passion explores textures and sound created using bass guitar and special effects. He composes the music and sound for Edinburgh based, spoken word coterie, Acolyte.

Lucie Yavruturk is a writer, creative and vocalist in Edinburgh based band, The Micro Band. Her playful work takes inspiration from the natural world, fairy tales and the supernatural.