Music for First Contact

One of our six Creative Collaborations for 2022

Music For First Contact is set to be the grand finale of the Hidden Door Festival 2022, and promises to be an immersive music experience quite unlike any other!

Conceived and written by boundary-breaking electro pop duo Post Coal Prom Queen, this performance is part-opera, part-game, part drama and part euphoric musical climax, that may – or may not – decide the future of the entire human race!

Based on the premise that extra-terrestrial life has made contact with Earth, Post Coal Prom Queen ask the question “should we reply, or keep quiet and play dumb?” The audience of Hidden Door are invited to vote in a referendum, and depending on what they vote for, will decide the outcome of the show.

For this show, the Central Chamber becomes a Scottish space station orbiting Mars, and the audience will be taken through the unfolding drama in the form of an electro space opera starring international opera singer Stephanie Lamprea, pianist Baichuan Hui, Scottish musicians Laura Wilkie and Calum Cummins and rapper Johnny Cypher, who will join Post Coal Prom Queen on the stage in the round throughout the epic performance. A small cast of actors will add to the drama as Music For First Contact plays out.

No one knows what is going to happen – that is up to the audience, but what will they vote for? And how will it end?

Expect a one-hour show with an incredible mix of music styles bringing together phenomenal and eclectic music talent. Expect soaring arias, deep bass, skittering beats and lush sonic textures, Expect high drama and high stakes. The audience will vote via a QR code app throughout the day, and Music For First Contact’s propaganda campaign, putting both sides of the argument in the referendum will be visible throughout the whole venue. As this is the final performance in the Hidden Door Festival 2022, expect the end to be huge!

Music for First Contact is directed by Jen McGregor and features Stephanie Lamprea, Bauchuan Hui, Laura Wilkie, Calum Cummins, Johnny Cypher, and Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone (Post Coal Prom Queen).

Post Coal Prom Queen are Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone. They use retrofuturistic synths and Lily’s ethereal vocals, underpinned by electronic beats and noisy guitar, to create unique pop soundscapes inspired by utopian, and occasionally dystopian, visions of the future.