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Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum
Mitchell Museum

Put Animal Collective, Arcade Fire and Ezra Furman in a blender and end up with something that’s like Mitchell Museum – it’s no wonder the Glasgow trio have admirers including BBC Radio 6 Music’s Vic Galloway and Marc Riley.

Their third album, SKINNY TRICKS, released in 2020 on Scottish Fiction Records. The concept behind the record is novel, although hard to discern within the music – bandleader Cammy MacFarlane brought in friends and family as guests, in the form of samples from Facebook and WhatsApp in which their voices are layered throughout the music, looped, distorted and used as surrogate percussion instruments. 

MacFarlane’s wistful voice is reminiscent of Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue – the swirling, bittersweet, psychedelic positivity of their music calling to mind Flaming Lips.

The List

The band know how to keep their listener interested – by challenging us and continuously reeling in our attention through fearless experimentation with original sonic conceptions and compelling juxtapositions, both vocally and musically.

The Skinny

A pretty consistently great album, there are some very original tropes, plus some original sounds and songwriting. From a band not afraid to break from the Scottish indie norm and be eccentric, weird and wonderful, ‘Skinny Tricks’ could well be one of the albums of the year.

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