The intersectional, feminist, post-punk band of your dreams, M(h)aol (pronounced “male”) are formed of Róisín Nic Ghearailt, Constance Keane, Jamie Hyland, Zoe Greenway and Sean Nolan. Together, the band aim to rattle the male dominated post-punk scene with their urgent, gritty sounds, with previous singles ‘Laundries’, ‘Asking For It’ & ‘Gender Studies’ being the perfect instigators for this pursuit.

“This group of brilliant, politically minded musicians are resisting sociocultural labels while creating a new soundtrack for the revolution… Put them on your list of must-hear, must-see bands for the present and future”

Louder Than War

Ireland’s latest post-punk export, their brand of punk noise and politically-charged lyricism is a total pleasure to listen to. A vital piece of feminist work, set to staggeringly good punk noise.


“M(h)oal encapsulate more of the authentic, vital radicalism at the core of punk than many post-punk outfits, and they’re fully here to show the posers how it’s done right”

London In Stereo

“The Dublin post-punk outfit are pushing forward in this fight for justice and deserve to be heard, their message ringing out loud and clear”

So Young Magazine

The urgency of M(h)aol’s message threatens to become a violent maelstrom of heightened pace and pitch. This isn’t pop music – it’s power and politics.

Louder Than War