Maranta in Microsteria

One of our six Creative Collaborations for 2022

Maranta in Microsteria is a spectacular collaborative project that brings together the incredible imaginations of one of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming bands Maranta, with Chell Young, a rising star of visual art specialising in film and set design, and Vomiton, the outrageous costume design collective who will be working with dancer and choreographer Hannah Draper.

Their Late Night Feature performance on the opening night will take the form of a fully immersive experience designed specifically for the Central Chamber of the Royal High School, with stage props, lighting features, projections mapped onto the stage itself, and an array of costumed characters and dancers who will invite the audience on a journey into a radically designed world seen from an insect’s-eye-view.

This micro-world will bloom into a fully fledged carnival filled with movement and colour, and uplifting tunes that would make even the most stubborn bug start tapping its foot

Expect a hour-long live music set full of Maranta tunes; synth pop grooves, sounds and soaring vocals, but with bright vivid visuals and carnivalesque dancers… and expect the Central Chamber to be bouncing!

An illusory experience through the labyrinthine interiors of the Old Royal High School culminating in a visceral in-the-round spectacle of music, costumes, projection and sets at The Detention Hall.

For the opening night of Hidden Door Festival 2022, organisms will combine in a sensory symbiosis, taking you on a journey through an immersive ecology in which scale, perspective & synthesisers are manipulated.