Little Hats

Little Hats is an Italian selector based in London, and a creative lead for Sisu. 

She has spinned tunes across the UK and mainland Europe and has had years of guest appearances on radio stations. Her sound is varied, ranging from darker sets featuring heavy break-beat sounds to lighter performance serving Italo disco and revisited Latin sounds. Across her selections, you can always recognise a love for melodic grooves and organic percussion. Such sounds are often accompanied by euphoric boogieing behind the booth. 

Committed to advancing gender equality in the scene, she has been a core member of Sisu for over three years. During lockdown she led on the Sisu Podcast series, and as clubs reopen she has been curating Sisu events. 

In the unlikely event that you were curious about the origins of her stage name: Little Hats. It is the translation of her Italian surname, Cappellini. She is often seen wearing hats.