GRANS! A Poetry Reading to Celebrate Our Elders

GRANS! A Poetry Reading to Celebrate Our Elders

What does “ancestry” mean to you? Join us for a poetry reading that celebrates elders around us, who have shaped our society in myriad ways. Our feature poets, Jennifer Wong, L. Kiew and Jinhao Xie will join student-poets from the University of Edinburgh to share intergenerational stories. Hailing from the UK, Malaysia, India, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, the States and so on, our poets will explore the nuances of identities and memories. We promise an hour of imaginative, moving and playful poems that travel between the personal and the historical. A zine “GRANS!” will also be launched at the event.

Born and grew up in Hong Kong, Jennifer Wong is the author of Goldfish (Chameleon Press), a pamphlet, Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl (Bitter Melon Poetry 2019) and 回家 Letters Home (Nine Arches Press 2020)

L. Kiew is a poet of chinese-malaysian heritage. Her debut pamphlet The Unquiet was published by Offord Road Books in 2019. She was a 2019/2020 London Library Emerging Writer.

Jinhao Xie was born in Chengdu. Their poetry has appeared in POETRY, Poetry Review, Gutter Magazine, Harana, Bath Magg, Spilled Milk Magazine, and elsewhere.

Tim Tim Cheng is currently based in Edinburgh. Her poems have found home in diode, The Margins, ANMLY, Cicada Magazine, among others.