Jemima Thewes and Tim Lane

Jemima and Tim create an enveloping and deeply textured fusion of dark songs and bright, deep rhythms. Jemima’s songwriting is inspired by the folk ballad tradition, and layered with grit, tenderness, mischief, humour and wisdom. These cloud-hopping tales are told by warm, powerful vocals and carried on a bed of heavy, playful percussion and strings. With lyrics and melodies that creep up and catch you unawares and beats that get you moving in spirit and body.

Jemima’s debut album “Calling” is out on 9th July with the label Last Night From Glasgow, she is collaborating here as a duo with Tim Lane (Hidden Orchestra) on the percussive time lines. A surprisingly big and beautiful sound from such a small team. The effect of this music stays with you long after you have heard it.