House of Jack

‘The Unknown’ is a powerful theatre piece that explores stories around loss, loneliness, social anxiety and passive aggression. In The Unknown, these stories are expressed through dance and clowning, using hip hop theatre practice and culture.

The piece has been performed in a traditional setting at hip hop theatre nights around Scotland, with The Herald, Scotland saying in review: “Ashley Jack’s The Unknown, … was further proof that Scotland’s urban dance scene is using hip hop moves with fresh, imaginative flair.”

Now with a new cast and reworked for an intimate in-the-round setting, The Unknown gains further depth, nuance and impact.

About House of Jack

House of Jack is an Edinburgh dance studio focussing on street dance styles, providing classes for kids and adults of all levels, as well as youth dance company and professional dancer training, performances, shows and events. House of Jack is a non-profit Social Enterprise with a main aim of making dance, and its many physical, social and mental health benefits, as accessible as possible to all.

The growing House of Jack family of dancers create classes, videography and performances spanning the street, funk and club dance styles including Hip Hop, House, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Waacking, K-Pop, Commercial, Heels and more.