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Hamish Hawk

Hamish Hawk

Rich of voice and even richer of imagination, the singer-songwriter from Edinburgh creates musical pen-portraits as vivid in lyric as they are in melody. In all the wholly best ways, these are chamber pop songs that have swallowed both a dictionary and a compendium of modern urban (and island) fairy tales.

And on Heavy Elevator, his first fully-formed album, this prolific artist presents a perfect ten tracks packed with characters, incident, emotion, geographical/artistic references and tunes to hang your coat on.

For a taster, here’s the mini-set he did for us as part of Hidden Door Live earlier this year…

“Post-punk-informed pop with whooping vocals and driving bass” – Mojo, April 2021

“[Heavy Elevator] is a great, great record” – Marc Riley, BBC 6Music

“Hamish is such a natural storyteller, both in life and in his music. His way with words is something that I admire and envy in equal measure.” – Charlie Cunningham

Hawk presents his careful observations through emotional and often unexpected storytelling set against soft, neat ballads. The songwriting finds a satisfying blend of idiosyncrasy and comfortability – just when you feel settled into the song it takes a new turn, there’s unforeseen optimism, or an unexpected lyric surfaces to shift the mood.

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