Gwynne Bilski

Gwynne is a Glasgow-based Canadian artist and choreographer working primarily in performance and installation. With a focus on experience of place and personal geography, Gwynne’s current work uses a movement-based practice to engage with exploration of memory, and a process of abstract mapping as a form of collecting and re(-)collecting fragmented or distorted memories of lived experience.

Both meditative and exploratory, Limbinal Mappings is an interdisciplinary installation featuring large scale ink, textile, and embroidery maps, with movement-based performances. The installation offers audiences and viewers an opportunity to engage with remembered experiences of place and to consider the personal significance of our daily movements.

Performance times

  • Monday 13th: 4:30pm  6:30pm
  • Tuesday 14th: 4:30pm  6:30pm 
  • Wednesday 15th:  4:30pm, 7:15pm, 8:00pm

Part of the festival exhibition