Esyllt Angharad Lewis and Frances Mary Driscoll – Neoni Peoni

Esyllt Angharad Lewis and Frances Mary Driscoll present Neoni Peoni; a playful construction of exchange mediated through different languages, this performance is a mischievous, frustrated, and experimental conversation between two women wading through ancient languages in a modern city. 

The performance will move between structured readings and improvised dialogue, shifting between the idea of carefully considered statements on language, and impromptu nonsensical dialogue where the ‘spoken word’ takes on a life of its own in Welsh and Gaelic.

Others are invited to observe the performers as they find meaning and connections, struggle to communicate across minoritized languages, and the difficulties that arise when resisting the ease of English, ultimately considering other ways of being understood. Translation is co-opted as a creative tool to resist standard modes of dialogue and thinking, instead providing hope through the playful subversion of language(s). 

About Esyllt and Frances

Bilingual artists Esyllt Angharad Lewis (1996, Craig-Cefn-Parc, Wales) and Frances Mary Driscoll (1999, Glasgow, Scotland) met whilst working in Italy in 2019 and quickly established an intense friendship rooted in a shared passion for the visual arts and complimentary experiences of being minority language speakers.

As early career artists who work both independently as well as collaboratively, together they form a unique voice that weaves Welsh and Scottish Gaelic together, as an artistic exploration of national and global identity, of tensions around communication, and looking at means of resisting homogenized modes of expression. Their work is engaged with minoritized languages and the potential that translation and non-traditional verbal communication can offer as a creative escape.