Office “Carbon Copy”


As you embark on your journey into The Environments, discover “Carbon Copy”, a dance performance that offers a glimpse into an alternate corporate culture inspired by the 80s era in which this Office Complex (the former Scottish Widows HQ) was constructed.

A sensory experience created with sound, film and live choreographed movement, immersing the audience in the oppressive and consumerist environment of the modern-day office.

Dancers bring to life the relentless pace and the constant pressure to conform that characterises this space. Be prepared to be transported to a world where the struggle for identity and individuality is a constant battle. 


  • Abby Warrilow  – director / choreographer 
  • Lewis Gourlay – film maker 
  • Taylor Han – Dancer
  • Rachel Laird – Dancer
  • Kim Francey – Dancer
  • Paul Lambie – Designer
  • Kathryn Brown – Costume Design

About The Environments

Deep in the heart of The Complex, discover a series of transformed spaces and performance zones featuring live music, dance, soundscapes and visions created by groups of artists and performers.

Embark on a journey that starts in the weird artificial commercial environment of the ex-office building itself, but that will take you through mountains, wasteland, forest and gardens, down to the deep sea bed and even into the depths of the geology of the centre of the Earth.

The Environments will run on a loop every night of the festival, from 6pm until late.

You’ll be able to choose a time to start your journey, and once you start exploring this strange dark world, you will find you can roam freely, taking in these Environments as they each come to life and die back back down in a cycle that repeats throughout the whole evening.

Become completely immersed in the creative visions spread throughout the venue, or step out to explore the bars, live music and spoken word performances before you plunge back into your journey of discovery.

At the conclusion of each night, everyone will come together for a big party in the Club Space and Cabaret Stage.

The Environments will run every night of Hidden Door 2023.