Emily Weaver

I’m a multimedia visual artist born in Scotland and based in Aberdeen. I graduated in 2022 from Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art & Design with a degree in Fine Art. I am interested in the investigation of artistic innovation as a form of excavation. Working across mediums such as textiles, video art and papier mache, I produce a varied material landscape. My current practice aims to discover the mystery behind the anthropomorphic sculptures found in the Lepenski Vir.

I aim to visually explore this forgotten culture through sculpture, paintings and video art combining prehistoric material practices such as ceramics and charcoal with a contemporary aesthetic. My research of these archaeological discoveries will be supported by an examination of the role of the artist as an archaeologist of meaning, drawing from mid 20th century postmodern scholarship. This culminates in a short film consisting of edited found footage, animation and costumed performance.

Part of the festival exhibition