Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, DEADLETTER channel the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythms of LCD Soundsystem into a strain of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through a lens of narrative-driven levity.

With members being firm friends from birth, there is an instinctive understanding of movement and danceability to their music worth its weight in gold, whilst never cheapening the nuance and grit of their sound. With four singles now under their belt, the only way is upwards for DEADLETTER.

Rooted in post-punk sensibilities, their EP is at once raw and diverse in its sonic palette, sprinkled with a variety of influences from Madchester to Madness.

Yuck Magazine

 It’s the kind of music that might make one dance like a hot potato… a riot waiting to be incited

Grimy Goods

Their uncanny chemistry on stage has a significant impact on their audience.

Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music

Their exuberant live performances are quite rightly gaining them some attention

Backseat Mafia

Please do yourself a favour and see Deadletter live before, in years to come, the tickets cost a month’s wages.

When The Horn Blows

A band that makes post-punk anthems full of sharp riffs, discordant grooves, intelligent lyrics and a sense of sarcastic fun all over nagging grooves that swirl over in your heard in the best possible way.

Distorted Sound

A collage of post-punk, funk, and new wave.

Totally Wired