Cera Impala and Half Moon Medicine

The Half Moon Medicine Show is famously ‘The Cure for Wot Ails Ye’!  Roll up to enjoy and engage with Cera Impala and her eclectic crewe of Edinburgh’s finest collaborating to entertain you with topical performances inspired by the last years Pandemic!  Hilarity and harmony ensue in this vaudeville-esque saloon with singing, dancing, music, poetry, clowning, illustration and interactive performance art. 

What does it all mean? That you will come out feeling better than you entered the ever-illustrious Pianodrome at the 2022 Hidden Door!

Performances featuring: Maud the Moth, Jello Belly and Sissy Thistle, Delightful Squalor, Iona Lee, Cera Impala & The New Prohibition, Mima &  the Fuse and Baby Doll-ing