Alan Greig

With Reach is a dance theatre solo show for performer Alan Greig of self-written monologues and choreography. The work is influenced by iconic LGBT+ characters such as Joan Crawford, Quentin Crisp and Tennessee Williams.

Using choreography, spoken word monologues, set moves and improvisation, this solo has been created for site-specific and site-sensitive spaces and will take  a small intimate audience on a memorable journey around various rooms and spaces.

About Alan Greig

Scottish based seminal choreographer Alan Greig has been creating national and international work for three decades. His passion to create emotional and highly visual dance and thought provoking experimental educational projects has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.

Alan is a noted choreographer of national and international reputation, he has been teaching professionally since 1986 and has taught thousands of students across a wide spectrum of ages and abilities from youth organisations to professional companies.

Alan mentors emerging artists and choreographers bringing his decades long accumulated choreographic knowledge and expertise.