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A Party At The End of The World

‘A Party At The End of The World’ will be taking the stage at Hidden Door Festival, featured as one of our five ‘Creative Collaboration’ projects commissioned by Hidden Door.

Post Coal Prom Queen are celebrating the end of the world – and you’re invited! They’ll be joined by cyberpunk hip hop visionaries, special musical guests, and feature visuals rendering the phenomena of the end of days in glorious technicolour.

Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone are electronic alt-pop musicians / composers / producers Post Coal Prom Queen.

Lily and Gordon explain more about what to expect:

“Our first project with Hidden Door was about utopias. We interviewed prominent figures in the arts about their visions of the future and one point that came up repeatedly is that one person’s utopia is another’s dystopia – a true utopia is impossible. We followed this thread and ended up at the end of the world – usually a dystopian theme. but perhaps it could usher in a better future for everyone. Our show is a Party at The End of The World – it could be one last hurrah as we say goodbye to a dysfunctional world, or maybe a celebration of its rebirth. Our music will take the audience through utopian geoengineering projects, climate crises, and cyberpunk storytelling, before ending with humanity escaping to the stars.

“We’ll be joined on stage by the MCs Conscious Route, Empress, Jackal Trades and Miles better, multi-instrumentalist Jane Blanchard, and more special guests to be announced. We’ll be performing songs from our debut EP (PCPQ EP), our recent collaborative rap album (Music for Hyeprcapitalists) and debuting some new songs we’ve written especially for Hidden Door. There will be spectacular visualisations from Joseph Nickson and Connor MacDonald and documentary-style film footage from Kris Boyle.

“Hidden Door was the first organisation we’d collaborated with that asked us what we wanted to do, actually supported our ridiculous ambitions, and did everything in their power to bring it all to life. They’re the most supportive people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 

“We’re so excited to be involved in the festival this year and we can’t wait to celebrate the end of the world at Granton Gasworks”

About the Creative Collaborations

Originally born in lockdown, these projects began online as livestreams within the ‘Hidden Door Live Show’ series. These fantastic works have now been developed into fully realised shows that you have the opportunity to experience live in this year’s festival.

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