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Call for Hidden Door’s 2021 Dance Programme

Hidden Door is running a dedicated programme for dance for our Festival in September 2021. We are pleased to be able to put out an Open Call For Proposals for pre-existing work or work in progress to be part of this programme.

Hidden Door is focussed on providing opportunities for artists wishing to present their work to new multi art form audiences. Adaptable stage and installation works are welcome.

Individual artists and companies are invited to submit ideas for work in progress or existing works. Dance practitioners from across Scotland are welcome and can be at any stage of their career from established to emerging artists. 

Hidden Door is committed to ensuring good conditions and rates of pay for its artists and performers and we will pay project costs for each selected production up to a maximum of £1000 per project.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday 18 July, 11:59pm.

About the festival and venue

This year’s event will take place from the 15-19 September 2021 in a large, enclosed industrial yard on the site of the old Granton Gasworks in North Edinburgh. The site is dominated by the epic Gas Holder Tower – a distinctive 157ft high structure and industrial heritage landmark. The tower will form a dramatic back-drop to the outdoor festival site, which will be transformed with bars, covered areas and 2 stages built back-to-back in the centre of the space, hosting a multi-arts programme of live music, dance, theatre, spoken word and visual art. 

For our Dance programme, we are currently in discussions to use an additional indoor venue close to the gasworks site. The space will include a ground level dance floor area or raised stage area and we will have a technical team available to support production requirements. Please email festival@hiddendoorblog.org if you require additional information on this venue before applying. 

Covid restrictions

Hidden Door is following all Scottish Government guidance in planning for our festival, to ensure a Covid-safe environment for artists, staff and our audience. As such, all submissions will need to ensure they follow relevant guidance and restrictions.

Guidelines for Dance Proposals

Deadline for Proposals: 18th July 2021 at 23.59 


How to Apply

To apply, submit your proposal via our online form:

You will be asked to include:

Selection Process

We are aiming to create a simple application process to this programme and following the call out deadline we will invite shortlisted applicants to engage in further conversation of how they would like to present their work during the festival. 

Fees & Payment

In order to ensure fair rates for all of those involved, Hidden Door will pay the artist/company what they will need to present the work. Please note that the maximum budget for each work will be £1000 – so please bear this in mind when applying. We will discuss the budget with you following the section process. 

This fee will include performance fees for all dance artists, organisational/choreographer fee, technical rehearsal fees, any travel and or accommodation you may require. All technical requirements will be provided in house. Please note that each artist or company will present their work on one day of the festival. 

Payment will be made following the festival on receipt of an invoice.  This will be discussed in more detail following a successful application. 

What we will provide

Hidden Door will provide technical support, stage management, production and the infrastructure required to stage the production, including staging, seating, space, projectors, PA, lighting rig and technicians. Props and materials/equipment to make them should be provided by the company/practitioner. Technical requirements will be discussed with each selected project as soon as possible after selection, and any specialised equipment discussed.

Hidden Door will endeavour to supply what is needed within reason, but cannot guarantee it will be able to supply specialised one-off pieces of equipment. Companies are encouraged to either be prepared to source this equipment itself, or be prepared to suggest alternative solutions (Hidden Door is a not-for-profit charity and does not have vast financial resources at its disposal).

Please note: Hidden Door is currently in the process of applying for funding for this budget. If we are unsuccessful in securing the required budget we will negotiate an appropriate payment plan with our selected performers. If an agreement on the fee or payment amount cannot be reached, performers will be able to withdraw from the programme. 

Being part of the event 

As part of the Hidden Door programme, participating artists will be featured on the Hidden Door website, print publications, and Hidden Door social media. Artists will be invited to participate in and help with general Hidden Door promotion campaigns; sharing social media content and helping with general publicity where they can. Specific requirements and arrangements for listing and promoting your show will be made available to selected projects as soon as possible after selection.

Participating artists will receive a full access pass to the entire festival as well as discount codes for friends and family.

If you have any additional questions or require any more information, please email: festival@hiddendoorblog.org

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 

Hidden Door team

All photos courtesy of Chris Scott Photography.