Hidden Door 2023 – Call for Submissions

Hidden Door Festival 2023 will take place from 31 May – 4 June 2023 at an exciting new location in Edinburgh. As we do every year, we are inviting artists to get involved, but for 2023 we are planning something a little bit different…

We will be taking over a new space in Edinburgh which has never been used for the arts or creative events before, creating a five-day spectacular event that is even more immersive and atmospheric than any Hidden Door so far. 

As with every event we produce, we will be using this to present a multi art-form programme, featuring visual artists, live music, theatre, dance and spoken word embedded into the experience, with the intention of supporting and shining a spotlight on exciting new and emerging creative talent based in Scotland.

Through bringing a range of art forms together, Hidden Door aims to generate a wide audience for the arts and create high-impact events, providing the opportunity for contributors to reach new audiences and meet and work alongside a diverse range of artists. By bringing to life disused  buildings, we aim to create more space in the city for new things to happen providing an exciting way for audiences to access the  incredible creative talent emerging in Scotland.

Call for Submissions

Visual Art – NOW OPEN until 2 December (extended date)

Dance – NOW OPEN until 5 December

Music – opening soon

Spoken Word – opening soon

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